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3 Lines S.A. activities are divided into 2 sectors:

1) Manufacturing

a) Carpet car mats
The company was the first manufacturer of carpet car mats in Greece, starting in 1983.
We are manufacturing a wide assortment of car mats in many carpet qualities that we always keep standard in our range in both tufted and non woven materials and in different kinds of backings. By this way we can offer our customers the potential to create their car mats exactly like they want, meaning to be able to choose the way of finishing, the color of finishing , the type of heel pad, logos, embroideries and fixing systems.

All above carpet car mats characteristics can make your product unique, differentiated with its own profile Universal carpet car mats With 2 universal sizes that we keep standard in our range, tested on all modern cars we can assure for coverage of the majority of the cars.
Of course any other additional universal size can be manufactured always based upon customer’s special specifications and requirements.

Custom made carpet car mats Based on the flexibility of our production line and on the fact that there is no minimum order for us since even one single set can be produced and delivered to the customer, we can offer 100% tailored made mats with perfect fit manufactured 100% according customer’s specifications.

b) Seat cushions
The last years 3 Lines S.A. has focused its 2nd production line only on the production of seat cushions. We are offering a wide assortment of materials such as 100%cotton, artificial leather, polyesters by which we are manufacturing universal seat cushions for the front seats of cars in many combinations of colors and materials.

2) Imports and wholesales
The organization of 3 Lines S.A. is a vertical organization.
The company is controlling all levels from the imports of raw materials and finished products to the warehousing and “door to door” sales of the manufactured and imported products with its self owned sales team.


The main product categories of 3 Lines S.A. are:

* Carpet car mats
* Rubber car mats
* Seat covers
* Seat cushions
* Car covers-sunshields
* Car care
* Wiper blades
* Security items
* Snow chains
* Air fresheners
* Oils
* Car accessories


* ZPV Roznov Sro( rubber/textile car mats- Czech Republic)
* Lescot (Elf-total car care products-France)
* Confon Ag ( snow chains-Spikes Spider- Switzerland)
* Italscent Srl ( air fresheners-hypno- Italy)
* Merseta Ltd( fire extinguishers-stop fire- Lithuania)
* Good Year(official greek partner of good year car products)
* Agripool Srl (snow sock-Multigrip-Italy)
* Cervinka Czech Republic Sro (powder fire extinguishers-Czech Republic)


The sales people of the company are visiting everyday all individual shops in order to inform customers, receive orders according to their needs and service the shop’s shelves.
Company’s truck fleet is making all order deliveries in Athens city and its suburbs and through transport companies to the whole Greek territory.


* Central car importers
* Individual car dealers
* Chains of shops of car accessories
* Individual car accessories shops
* Petrol stations
* Service-car wash stations