Τάσια Αυτοκινήτου AK
Wheel Covers AK

Made from high quality raw materials which they make them flexible and unbreakable.

Βάση Στήριξης Αεραγωγού για SMARTPHONE
Air Vent Holder For SMARTPHONE

It is suitable for the phones whose width is between 65mm and 88mm, and thickness no more than 12mm.

FORCE Καλύμματα Τιμονιού Δερματίνη
FORCE Wheel Covers Leather

Made of high quality artificial leather.

FORCE Κάλυμμα Τιμονιού Daytona
FORCE Wheel Cover Daytona

Made of suede type artificial leather with reinforced sport hand grips.

FORCE Κάλυμμα Τιμονιού Γνήσιο Δέρμα
FORCE Leather Steering Wheel Genuine Leather

New Delhi / Monde Carlo / Montreal, Made of genuine leather.

Κάλυμμα Τιμονιού Ραφτό ΣΤΑΜΠΩΤΟ
Steering Wheel Cover STICHED STAMPED

Includes needle and thread so be “sewed” on the steering wheel.

Κάλυμμα Τιμονιού Ραφτό
Steering Wheel Cover "STICHED"

Includes needle and thread so be “sewed” on the steering wheel.

Τάσια Αυτοκινήτου FORCE
Wheel Covers FORCE

Wheel Covers, Material quality ABS, Set of 4 pcs.


Easy installation in the car’s glass holder position.

Ποτηροθήκη Ταμπλώ
Dashboard Drink Holder

Easy to use, can be applied to any kind of vehicle.


The base adopts super big size sucker, strongly absorbed on windshield.

Force Holder For Mobile Phone
Force Holder For Mobile Phone

Hose with base, place directly on the windshield with a very strong suction cup.