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Company Profile


3 Lines S.A. was established in 1983 in north Greece in the city of Thessaloniki.
It was the FIRST company in Greece that has started the manufacturing of carpet car mats.
Production and sales were at first focused towards the Greek market.

In the coming years 3 Lines S.A. has developed a second production line of manufacturing seat covers, seat cushions, seat belt covers, and additionally has started to enrich its product range of finished products with other car accessories and car products from local suppliers and from international market.
In the year 2003, 3 Lines S.A. is moving all the production facilities, offices and warehouse to the capital city of Greece, Athens city, 25km from the town center, at the industrial area of Mandra Attikis.
With the investments on machinery of the latest technologies that took place the last years the company has improved its production ability and capacity, and today with almost 30years of experience and know-how is considered to be the pioneer manufacturer and distributor of carpet car mats in Greece.
Additionally the huge enrichment of company’s product range and the cooperation with well known European brands, has expanded company’s market share.

3 Lines S.A. has gained the market trust as one of the most reliable partners.


Matching each single customer’s special demands and requirements at the best price is the goal of our company.

Application of ISO 9001:2008 certified system of quality control for the operation of our company and by using the latest technologies for the production of our car mats, ensure for standard quality.