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Strongest Companies In GREECE

3Lines s.a. has entered in July the community of Strongest Companies In GREECE, Only  1 out of 10 companies can enter in Strongest Companies In GREECE

We are quite pleased to announce that our company has been assigned a high Credit Rating by ICAP and, consequently, has been certified as one of the Strongest Companies In GREECE.

This important acknowledgement verifies our creditworthiness and links us to the most powerful enterprises in Greece, ready to face the challenges of our times.

The “Strongest Companies in Greece” is a community of enterprises that are ranked at the highest Credit Ratings of ICAP Group.

ICAP Group is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment institution and by the European Central Bank as an Accepted Rating Tool Source.

Only one in ten companies in Greece meet the required criteria to be included in the community of “Strongest Companies”.

Therefore, membership to the community is quite exclusive and its members  are indeed the most creditworthy companies in Greece.

strongest ICAP