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Spikes-Spider Adapter

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The universal SPIKES-SPIDER adapter is needed for all SPIKES-SPIDER-models.
And it can be used all your life.

The patented Spikes-Spider adapter is for universal use on steel and alloy rims of all car brands.
Once mounted on the driven wheels before winter season, your car is prepared for the fast and simple use of the SPIKES-SPIDER any time you need it.

The new adapter system allows mounting without prior change of wheel nuts or wheel lugs.

The symmetrical attachment of the fixation points grants safe hold without unbalance.
Also the Spikes-Spider adapter gives you additional profit from our experience and development.

Adapter components:

1. Adapter plate
2. Locking disc
3. Hub cover
4. Torque handle
5. Box wrench
6. Set Fix-Clip
7. Spacer
8. Spacer
9. Washer
10. Screws

BARCODE: 7612062810171

SPIKES SPIDER ADAPTER 17mm SKU: 1-012-22-0001
SPIKES SPIDER ADAPTER 19mm SKU: 1-012-22-0002
SPIKES SPIDER ADAPTER 21mm SKU: 1-012-22-0003
SPIKES SPIDER ADAPTER 22mm SKU: 1-012-22-0004


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